Bonded Warriors Series


Not every angel wears a halo…

Before the Great Flood, a legion of Atillian warriors came to Earth to restore order in a war-torn world on the brink of collapse. One night of passion has unleashed a chain of events that have left the angelic warriors in exile. Millennia later, they are still hunting the evil Nephilim who holds the power to release them from Earth’s bondage, but not all of the angels want to go home. Dissention is brewing among the legion of warriors who must fight to stop a fallen archangel from claiming his mate and breeding an elite race of angelic/human half-breeds, rising up an army powerful enough to take over the world.

Bonded in Exile:

When an accident leaves Silas, an exiled angel, blood-bonded to his Nephilim enemy, only time will tell if she is the way to his salvation, or the key to unleashing Hell on Earth.

Emily’s world is shattered when she discovers her life has been a lie. Thrust into a world of darkness and temptation she never dreamed existed, her eyes are opened to a reality where angels war over the power only she possesses.

After centuries in exile hunting the evil Nephilim, one remains, and Silas has finally found the female who will free the Atillian warriors from Earth’s bondage. But not all the brethren want to return home, and dissention is brewing among the legion of warrior angels. Emily is caught in a tug of war between good and evil. Unable to resist the unbreakable bond between them, Silas delves her into his world of seduction and dark pleasures. He’ll stop at nothing to possess this woman and take down the evil threatening to destroy them all.


Book 2: Bonded in Ruins:

With the Oath of Fealty broken, the rogues have scattered north, south, east and west. Vlad’s quest to resurrect Eden continues in Bonded in Ruins.

Sarah Marx’s life is nearly perfect. She’s just finished her Master’s Degree in Archeology, and is interning at a dig in the Mayan Ruins that will launch her career, paving her way to the Smithsonian. Her only problem?—the sleepless nights where she’s woken by images of the stranger haunting her dreams, promising her passion, and leaving her heart aching for a love denied.

All eyes are on the Tulum ruins. Vlad lies in wait to seize the holy relic and the female he will use to resurrect Eden, spawn a new race of Nephilim, and unleash an army powerful enough to take over the world.

Gnash, a cursed Atillian angel, is battling his own inner demon and desperately trying to forget the woman who stole his heart when he rescued her from Vlad’s evil clutches once. When Gnash discovers Sarah is in danger and about to uncover a weapon powerful enough to destroy the world, he’ll risk everything to save her. But who will save Sarah from him and the demon that darkens his soul?

Book3: Bonded in Wards:

Amelia Marquez thought she was going to die when Gnash abducted her and dragged her to Ethros, intent on forcing her to bring down the wards barring his entrance to the Mayan Ruins. When Krystoph saves her life, she clings to the hope that she will be returned home before the full moon. If she doesn’t perform the Equinox binding spell, all the wards she guards will come crashing down, opening dimensional portals to worlds containing an evil that could unleash hell on earth.

But her savior isn’t the angel he appears to be. She’s traded one captor for another, and Krystoph has no intention of letting her go. Behind those violet eyes and alluring dimples, lies a fierce warrior. At the end of the day, he’s nothing more than a blood-thirsty Atillian that cannot be trusted.

When word reaches Attar that a magical Mayan witch is in Ethros, he goes on the hunt for the elusive female. He’ll stop at nothing to have her and the magic he needs to return to earth and reclaim what once belonged to him.


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