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Haden’s Winner Announced!

Congratulations, Judy, for winning this month’s Amazon gift-card giveaway, courtesy of 5Prince Publishing, in celebration for my upcoming release, Shades of Darkness, Book 2 of the Redemption Series releasing February 28th!

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by and participating. I’m excited to introduce Haden, my dark and twisted Nephilim, in these monthly blog excerpts.

Happy Valentines Day!


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Congratulations Mae, Tina and Carin for winning copies of Until Darkness Comes! Thank you, Christine, for hosting me and to everyone who stopped by. Have a great day! 🙂

Christine Warner

Welcome to What to Read Wednesday! It’s officially August…the very first day and summer is winding down. I’m sad and happy at the same time since it’s been one HOT summer. Today we have a special guest visiting. I’d like everyone to give a warm welcome to Melynda Price. She’ll be sharing some interesting facts about herself and her book UNTIL DARKNESS COMES, redemption series book one.

And to top it off, Melynda didn’t come empty handed. One lucky person will receive an ebook copy of her book. After the interview Melynda will let you know how to go about getting entered. So let’s get started.

Hi Melynda, I’m so glad that you’re letting me interview you on What to Read Wednesday. Share a little about yourself.

Hi, Christine. Thank you for having me on your blog today. I’m excited to be here. This is the eighth stop on my…

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Six Sentence Sunday 3/18/12

Hi everyone! I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks enjoying a much needed vacation 🙂 I’m so excited to announce the release of Until Darkness Comes, available in e-book next Wednesday 3/21, and on paperback 4/1.

A throaty purr rumbled in the back of Max’s throat, making Olivia laugh. She playfully spun out his embrace and ran away. Fine grains of sand spilled into her sandals with each step. She glanced over her shoulder to see if he followed her, enjoying her little game. His brow quirked in amusement and his dark eyes locked on her, watching her every movement as if she were his prey, sending a tremble of excitement fluttering in her chest.

     “Don’t make me chase you, Olivia,” his husky growl echoed through the briny air.

Cover Art Finished :)

 Cover art for Until Darkness Comes is finished! Scheduled release is April 1st!

Saturday Sample #3

This Saturday I’m leaping ahead to Liam and Emily’s first encounter. She has no idea that she’s coming face to face with her guardian angel, and that her ‘boyfriend’, Max, is really a fallen angel sent to kill her. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading and I appreciate all feedback 🙂

“You’re going to be okay, Olivia. Everything’s going to be alright,” she chanted over and over in a failed attempt to convince herself she wasn’t going to die. She shouldn’t be here. What in the hell was Max thinking? Was he trying to get her killed?

She sat at the table, waiting for him to return and tried not to look around. Her hands clamped together in a white-knuckled grip. Her flesh crawled from the stares of guys who eyed her like a dessert buffet.

 “It is, you know—going to be alright.”

Olivia’s heart leapt in her throat, choking off a surprised yelp. She hadn’t heard the stranger approach, and here he stood right beside her—towering over her, actually. She looked up and locked eyes with her uninvited guest. The intensity of his deep violet stare sent her heart ratcheting inside her chest.

She did a quick head-to-toe of the very tall, heavily muscled stranger. His dark brown hair hung loosely in errant waves, stylishly framing his handsome face. His proud nose and strong square jaw were nothing short of perfection. What was this guy doing in a biker bar? He so didn’t belong here among this tattooed, leather clad, group of animals. Anyone of these guys could be the next star on America’s Most Wanted.

“I’m sorry I frightened you,” his husky voice was soft-liquid smooth.

“You didn’t,” she denied. The amused quirk of his lip revealed a glimpse of straight, white teeth. “I’m sorry, do I know you?” He certainly acted like she should. Olivia looked away in an attempt to recover from her awkward moment of staring. Hopefully she didn’t drool—that would be terribly embarrassing.

“My name is Liam,” he offered. “I couldn’t help but notice you looked like a little lamb being sent to the slaughter, sitting here all by yourself. If you don’t mind me saying, this isn’t exactly the safest place for a young lady to be.”

“Well, thank you for your concern—I guess. But I’m not here alone. My boyfriend is up at the bar.”

“Is he trying to get you killed?”

Olivia gasped. She wasn’t sure if it was his frankness, or the fact that he voiced the same exact words she’d thought only a moment ago. Or maybe it was the spark of anger that flashed in those deep violet eyes, making them look a shade closer to amethyst.

“Excuse me?” She didn’t know what else to say. Olivia glanced over her shoulder, checking to see if Max was still at the bar—he wasn’t. Her pulse quickened and a wave of apprehension needled up her spine. If Max came back and found her talking to this guy, all hell was going to break loose. Normally, she would be concerned for the stranger, but at roughly six-four, two-twenty, he didn’t exactly look like he’d have trouble defending himself. “My boyfriend will be back any minute. It would probably be best if you weren’t here talking to me when he did.”

The stranger gave her a full-on smile. Was that amusement she saw in his eyes?

“Now you’re concerned for me?”

“No—yes—I don’t know…I just don’t want any trouble. Thank you for coming over. It was nice meeting you,” she said dismissively, hoping he would take the hint and leave before it was too late. God, she didn’t want Max making a scene here. The stranger paused, and for a moment she wondered if trouble wasn’t exactly what he was looking for.

Finally, he spoke, and she let out the breath that had somehow lodged in her throat. “It was nice meeting you, Olivia. Maybe I’ll see you around sometime.”

The stranger turned and walked away. He took several steps before she realized she hadn’t given him her name. She stood up and opened her mouth to stop him, to demand he come back and explain himself, but Max cut her off.

“Who was that?”

Olivia turned around. Max set two beers on the table, his brows pulled together in a tight scowl. She watched him track the stranger’s movements as he made his way to the door. She expected him to leave but he stopped short of the exit and turned to face her, leaning casually against the wall.

The little hairs on the back of her neck tingled as she watched the wordless showdown between Max and the stranger. A malicious sneer crossed his face a second before Max took a possessive step toward her, and slid his arm around her waist. He pulled her close and his mouth descended on hers in a kiss much too intimate for the public eye.

“Max!” Olivia wedged her hand against his chest and shoved. The skunky after-taste of beer filled her mouth. She hated it when he drank. Instant ass—just add alcohol. What was he trying to prove anyway?

“God, you taste good.” His low throaty growl sent a chill up her spine and she took an apprehensive step back. Olivia was stunned speechless. Well that was a macho-shithead move. Why didn’t he just pee in a circle around her and be done with it already?

The heat of embarrassment flooded her cheeks as she glanced back at the stranger.

One look at him sent a release of adrenaline rushing through her veins. His eyes were locked on Max with a murderous glare. The once dark violet color was now replaced with a bright amethyst sheen, giving him an otherworldly appearance. He was beautiful—breathtaking—terrifying. Common sense told her to fear him, but her heart told her he meant her no harm.

Too bad she couldn’t say the same for Max.

Sweet Saturday Sample #2

This Saturday is a continuation from Until Darkness Comes. Last week Elias made a brief but powerful appearance. This week, Liam grapples with Elias’s death, and is forced to make a decision that will alter his world forever.  Thanks for reading my Sweet Saturday Sample. I hope you’re enjoying it and would love to read your comments 🙂

Liam marched up the jewel-encrusted steps of the High Court. His muscles ached with tension, his conscience heavy with guilt. He shouldn’t have let Elias put him off, he should have insisted on going with him. His scowl deepened, unable to hide his displeasure as he prepared to speak before the High Court. Nothing good ever came from falling under the notice of the elders, and this time would be no exception.

He came with news—none of it good. He’d run out of options, and time. The only move left at this point, was to petition the court for the freedom to cross dimensional borders. It was unheard of, but then again so was a warrior serving as a guardian. So many lines had already been crossed with this assignment, what’s a few more?

“Hey, Liam…”

Liam turned to see his best friend hustling up the stairs to catch him. He stretched his wings, trying to ease the unrelenting ache and tucked them behind his back.  “Balen,” he greeted, pulling the door open and holding it for his friend to pass through.

“I heard you’re speaking before the elders today. It must be pretty important business for you to request an audience with them. I know how much you love going to court.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty bad.”

“That’s what I thought. You know you could have filled a brother in. Anyway, whatever happens in there, you know I got your back, right?”

He nodded. “Thanks. I hope you’re still saying that fifteen minutes from now.”

As they walked down the hall, each echoing step steeled his determination. This was the right decision—the only decision. He already failed Elias, and he’d be damned if he was going to fail Olivia too.

Six Sentence Sunday #18 (Wk 7 Cont.)

I originally intended to run a six-week excerpt from Until Darkness Comes, Book 1 of my Redemption series, but I’ve decided to continue it for a few more weeks. I hope you’re all enjoying it! Thanks for reading and leaving your comments.

Background: Olivia has just figured out that the guy she’s falling for, isn’t really a guy at all–he’s her guardian angel…

All too soon the blissful heat disappeared, along with the touch of Liam’s lips. Emily opened her eyes to find him staring down at her; his dark violet depths held an unspeakably beauty that verily stole her breath. 

She looked away, unable to hold the intensity of his gaze for another moment. Glancing down at her wrist,  she gasped. “They’re gone-my bruises are gone! How is this possible?”

Sweet Saturday Samples

This is my first week joining Sweet Saturdays. Thanks for reading my post and leaving your comments. This weeks snippet is a short prologue from Until Darkness Comes, Book 1 in my Redemption series.

Elias tightened his trench coat as he restlessly paced back and forth on a small stretch of sidewalk. He looked up to the starless heavens, a few drops of rain spattering against his face. The air was thick with evil foreboding, and he questioned the wisdom in coming here without the aid of a warrior. This world was unknown to him—his strength, weaker here. The unexpected change left him uncomfortably vulnerable.

A tall, shadowy figure stepped into the empty street, the grating echo of boots against asphalt announced his approach. Elias’s energy soared in response to the darkness standing before him.

“So, this is it?” he asked, glancing left and then right. His coal-black stare fixed on Elias, sending a shiver of dread up his spine. “Earth—can’t say that I’m overly impressed. But, I am surprised you summoned me, Elias. I didn’t think you’d have the nerve to do it. She must certainly be something special to warrant all the stir she’s caused.”

“I know what you’re planning to do,” Elias accused. “And I came here to stop you before it’s too late.”

“Too late for whom? Surely my welfare is of no concern to you.”

“That’s not fair, Max. I’m your brother.”

“Correction, you were my brother. Now you’re nothing more than a nark who’s become an incessant pain in my ass.”

“It’ll never work, Max. She’s not ever going to love you. Her guardian will never let you have her.”

“We’ll see about that,” Max sneered with confidence. His arrogance had only gotten worse since his fall. Time had certainly done nothing to curb the rebellion that darkened his brother’s soul.

 “How long have you known of this girl?”

“All her life—eighteen years,” Elias answered, uncertain why that would be of any relevance.

“And what do you think? Is this human worth it?” His tone, thick with disgust.

“They’re all worth it.” He met Max’s eyes; nothing short of cold hatred shone in their depths, chilling him to his core. 

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s what you have to say. But what I want to know is if she’s worth it. Is she worth your life, Elias?”

Max stood less than a foot away, meeting him eye to eye. Silence hung in the air like an ominous cloud. Tension mounted as he hesitated to give the answer that would seal his fate. He should have known the Dark Court would never have sent Max if he couldn’t get the job done. Unfortunately, he’d underestimated the fallen angel, and for that he would surely pay the price. More than ever, he regretted not bringing the girl’s guardian along. It was impulsive and foolish to think he could talk some sense into his brother. What did he expect? That Max would just give up and go back to perdition where he’d come from? Not likely…

“Well?” Max snapped impatiently.

“She’s worth it.”

The air crackled with energy. “That’s what I thought,” Max sneered, pulling a dagger out of his jacket. With blinding speed, Max drove the blade into his chest—it was swift and precise. He gasped and stumbled a step back, falling onto the pavement at his brother’s feet. The cold, damp ground quickly leached into his bones. Bright red blood flowed freely onto the sidewalk in a river of betrayal.

He stared up at Max in shock, watching helplessly as his brother glanced down at his hand covered in red, sticky liquid. His face contorted into an expression of disgust as he bent down and wiped the back of his hand clean on Elias’s jacket.

Max stood up and a bolt of lightning split the midnight sky, opening the heavens as rain began to pour down upon the earth. Elias’s vision slowly faded. The last thing he saw was his brother shiver, as if warding off a sudden chill. He turned abruptly and walked back into the darkness from which he’d come.

The rain sent Elias’s life blood coursing down the sidewalk in rivulets, carrying it down into the sewer drain where the water rushed below. With a flicker of light, Elias’s body faded into transparency. His body vanished, and Olivia Norton’s world was forever changed.

Six Sentence Sunday #17 (6/?) ;)

I had originally intended to run a six-week excerpt from Until Darkness Comes, Book 1 of my Redemption series, but I’ve decided to continue it for a few more weeks. I hope you’re all enjoying it!

Background: Olivia has just figured out that the guy she’s falling for, isn’t really a guy at all–he’s her guardian angel…

“It’s fine.” Olivia tried to pull her hand back, but he wouldn’t let her go. She looked away, self-conscious under the scrutiny of those brilliant amethyst eyes.  Before she could protest any further, he lowered his head and gently pressed his lips to one of the bruises on her wrist. Liquid heat slowly spread up her arm, it felt like the sun shone on her skin, but from the inside out. Radiant warmth bathed her in a soothing, tranquil bliss; she closed her eyes, drinking in his energy as it coursed through her veins, spreading like a wild-fire with every rapid beat of her heart.

Six Sentence Sunday # 16 (5/6)

Sorry for the missed week. This is week 5 of my 6 week excerpt from Until Darkness Comes.  I hope you’re enjoying the continuation. Thanks for reading and posting your comments. Have a great Sunday!

“Emily, your wrist!” Liam lifted her hand and gently turned it over, carefully inspecting the dark purple bruises that marred her pale, delicate flesh. “That son of a bitch!” he growled.

The heat of his anger blasted into her like an inferno. Her pulse quickened in response to his energy surge, maybe he wasn’t the only one who could feel the other’s emotions, because what she  got from him right now was a whole lot of rage, possessiveness, and something else she shouldn’t even be letting herself consider. This was just crazy, he couldn’t possibly be projecting his emotions onto her–could he?