I thought this was a great piece on writing YA today and had to share 🙂

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I recently read a Goodreads review of Jillian Larkin’s Diva that I think nailed the problems I see with a lot of current historical YA. These characters are in their late teens in the 1920s, and their behavior is supposed to be so shocking for teens,  like going to speakeasies and premarital cohabiting. But that was kind of normal adult behavior for that set in that era (not to mention premarital cohabiting was a scandal for anyone, outside of a very few Bohemian places like Greenwich Village). In your late teens, you were an adult in the 1920s. It’s like the writer couldn’t make up her mind as to whether to write a teen or adult story, and so tries to play both sides.

For much of the 20th century, and for all human history before that, young people assumed mature, adult roles and responsibilities early on. People didn’t assume…

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